Our Place Update

May 2021

We continue to make progress on all fronts as we move forward in the process of bringing Our PLACE into our community. A contractor has been identified and we are very close to having an agreement on pricing for construction and a signed contract. At the same time, we have moved forward in the process of obtaining a construction loan and submitting our blueprints for review to local authorities. Policies and procedures have been developed and approved by our board, and job descriptions are in the process of being finalized for the staff that will be hired. As a result of this progress we are planning a groundbreaking ceremony for June 15th but are still very much in need of your financial support to attain our fundraising goal of $850k, and ultimately reduce the impact of a needed construction loan. 

We are also posting a number of informational articles concerning Alzheimer's/Dementia on our Facebook page as they come available. You can get there by clicking on the Facebook icon above this update. There are two articles this month that you may want to read. The first deals with a new thought process that the growth of proteins in the brain may be more of a protective process against the build-up of bacteria and viruses which offers new hope in the development of a cure. The second article offers the more traditional science that Alzheimer's/Dementia is caused by the protein buildup in the brain and offers insight into how to determine your risk and slow down the process. It is here that the role of Our PLACE fits in until a cure is found sometime in the distant future. In offering beneficial activities for the individuals with the beginning stages of Alzheimer's/Dementia related to socialization, physical and mental exercise, communication and hydration we will be able to enhance the individual's life. Also, the benefit of free time for caregivers will be enhanced by educational offerings to assist in dealing with the disease. 

We are very thankful to all donors who have contributed either financially or with time to help this needed facility and its program's progress. Many thanks also to the members of the board and volunteers who are also making Our PLACE become a reality. Best wishes!

Jim Dezzutti

Volunteer Chairman






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