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Our PLACE Caregiver Support Group   

2nd Friday of each month, 9a - 11a

Tellico Village Library, 300 Irene Lane, Loudon, TN

This support group is affiliated with Alzheimer’s TN., Inc., and is dedicated to providing education featuring 

guest speakers, fellowship, and support for those giving care to an elderly loved one. 

Refreshments are provided.  

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New! Men's Support Group

3rd Wednesday of each month, 1p - 3p

Christ Our Savior Lutheran, 260 Wade Road W, Loudon, TN

Facilitated by Edward Harper, LCSW, Blount Memorial Hospital

Worship Service

Held Quarterly on Wednesday at 4:30pm

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Our Place, 103 Cheeyo Way, Loudon, TN

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Home Activities for Caregivers – Moments of Joy Together

by Diane Strever and Celia Gruzalski

As the season changes and we head toward time indoors with our loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia, it's time to think about activities to do together to make the time more meaningful. Create a calendar for the month to plan specific activities for each day and something to look forward to and plan. Several lists of 101 activities to do with persons with dementia are available online; download one and put it on the refrigerator. It will be there when you feel fresh out of ideas. While weather is mild, take a walk with your pet, water the plants, collect leaves, or put seeds in the bird feeder. Sit outside, take in the beauty of nature as the leaves change color, and breathe in the fall air- that's a moment of joy away from the cares of the day. Enjoy a happy hour outside, with sparkling cider, pumpkin cookies, or slices of apple to celebrate autumn.

Fall also brings football season, and if you enjoy watching a game together, make the game fun. Dress in team colors or decorate a room, and have some popcorn or other snacks during the game. Write down viewing times for the games on your calendar. If golf is the game to watch, find out the times of the tournaments and watch for a couple of hours. Speaking of TV, watch shows together that are light and upbeat, not depressing. Sometimes a person with Alzheimer's or dementia cannot distinguish between fiction and reality. Fun series from the past, such as "I Love Lucy" or "The Carol Burnett Show" can bring laughs and a happy spirit.

As the weather turns colder, think of scheduling activities that include some exercise or speaking aloud. Read a book together, recite familiar prayers, poems, or recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning. You can find seated yoga videos on TV, as well as drumming videos to keep arms and hands toned. You can both drum on laundry baskets with sticks, throw a ball into a basket, play Corn Hole or Toss Across to sharpen eye/hand coordination. The library has a great collection of puzzles, trivia games, and books for reading aloud. Adult coloring books, modeling clay, or simple model car or truck sets can be assembled. If that's not your strength, ask a friend to come visit and have them build it together.

Look through photographs and talk about times with family and friends; write those stories down to share with family later. Aside from celebrating the seasonal holidays, think about creating one just for you and your loved one. Last week I was volunteering at Our Place when the staff celebrated Hawaiian Day for one of the participants. She had mentioned that though her husband had traveled to all 50 states, she had only been to 49- never having visited Hawaii. So, this incredible staff brought Hawaii to her! They decorated the room with a tropical theme, had a ukulele band perform, and enjoyed snacks such as pineapple salsa, and a cake with coconut topping! The smile on her face lit the entire room; and when her husband, who was visiting for the party, placed a lei over her head and said, "You know, when you're given a lei, you always get a kiss!" It was truly a Moment of Joy!

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